Medical equipments

Associated medical equipments to our treatments

Bone Densitometry Technology

The gold standard of DXA We have capability of identify patients at risk of osteoporosis and fractures by using Discovery QDR series DXA systems. Discovery delivers:

  • Exceptional Precision and Accuracy
  • High Resolution Digital Detector Array
  • Speed and Image Quality
  • Superb Visualization
  • Consistency from Exam to Exam

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Magnetic Resonance We have MBST Open System Magnetic Therapy Devices which are taking the application of magnetic resonance to another level and ensure that different anatomical regions and symptoms and those associated with arthritis and osteoporosis in particular can be efficiently treated. Indications for magnetic resonance therapy are degenerative wear, Sports injuries and Bone diseases


We are equipped with GE T-2100 Treadmill, which is among the best treadmills in the market today. The T2100 is safe, The best treadmills in the market today reliable, and high performing. It offers a wide walking surface and the ability to hold patients of any weight (up to 450 lbs). Also, the T2100 is compatible with all GE stress test monitors making it the peripheral device to complete the stress testing system.


Fujifilm CR Digital X-ray System, which is available in our set up, can process more images in less time facilitates increased productivity for better patient care. Medical professionals Pioneered of the world's first digital X-ray system in 1983 have long sought tools and techniques to enhance the quality and usefulness of images, and the speed and accuracy with which they are produced. Computed radiography (CR), has become the prevalent means to digitally capture x-ray images, which can be manipulated or enhanced - for example, to show greater image contrast, sharper edges, or tissue only. CR expands and expedites image availability, reducing image retakes and duplication costs, while improving workflow and productivity as compared to traditional film screen.

Ultrasound Imaging System

We are equipped with Toshiba’s Xario, the prime ultrasound system, which supports the most advanced imaging functions. The Xario is capable of performing the following functions. The prime ultrasound system

  • XBT Transducer Technology
  • Pulse Subtraction THI
  • Precision Imaging
  • ApliPure
  • Advanced Dynamic Flow
  • Low MI Pulse Subtraction
  • Trapezoid Imaging
  • Panoramic View
  • 3D/4D Imaging

Skin Assessment System

We have Callegari Soft Plus, the first complete professional skin assessment system. The innovations:Complete professional skin assessment system for skin

  • Scientific and objective assessment of the skin carried out with probes
  • Digital and visual assessment using a camera
  • Advice on the skin of the client and products and treatments to apply
  • The only true stand alone system with integrated PC

Complete analysis of the health of the skin – objective and scientific assessment through probes.